September 2012 Cash Back

Dear All,

Hi again! It’s your friendly local neighbourhood all-things-IT fixer-upper. I hope that all of your PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Wireless and Wired Networks, Websites and the like are all working the way you want them to.

This time I wanted to talk about something different that a lot of people are missing out on – money! We could all use a little bit more and there is a very easy way of getting some when you shop on the internet.

Many companies give ‘referral’ money to middlemen who bring online business to them. This is money that you can have for yourself by using what are called Cashback websites – the best of which, I think, is TopCashBack). The idea is simple. If you are going to buy something from say the AA, PC World, Marks and Spencer, Comet, B&Q or thousands of others, then if you go to their web sites by clicking an easily found link on the TopCashBack site, then that ‘referral’ fee can be paid back to you. It doesn’t matter if its PC stuff, clothes, insurance, holidays, flights or DIY stuff, most things you buy online can get you some cash back.

You just need to register for free with TopCashBack, it only takes a minute, and once you have done so, you simply type in the name of the company you want to buy from into their search box and click on the links that come up offering varying percentages or fixed amounts back to you for clicking that link. The money comes to you after the sale has gone through. Sometimes it’s 10% or more, it can be worth comparing different rates given by different suppliers.

Some computer related examples:

  • If you were going to buy a new Dell PC today then you can get over 11% back.
  • If you buy computer stuff from CCL or ebuyer at the moment, then if you buy online you can get 3% back – it depends on what you buy though. CCL’s an interesting one as you only get cashback if you buy online, so buy online rather than go to the shop, you can always still go and collect it and pay for it there if you want it now!
  • If you sign up for broadband packages you could get some of the following:
    • TalkTalk – Nearly £50 back on their Phone and Broadband package
    • PlusNet – £28+ for just broadband, £38+ for broadband and phone, on their already very good value pricing
    • Virgin – Over £57 on Broadband and Phone, £76 if you go for TV as well.
    • Sky – some big numbers but too many variations to write about
    • Most of the other ISPs are in there too and some of the offers are for existing customers who renew or change their packages
  • Not computer related but if you sign up today for the AA basic breakdown cover you would get back £21.21 that you wouldn’t get otherwise, and more coverage brings more cashback. (I just did this one myself – in fact I did it last year too!)

Basically whatever you are thinking of buying online, it’s worth checking if cashback is available before you buy it. It’s also worth noting that it applies to additional orders too, not just the first one, so get in the habit of checking – it all adds up!

Where do you register?

Click the TopCashBack link, unlike some of the others it’s free, quick and easy – and guarantee to have the best CashBack rates.

So stop letting someone else take that money and get it for yourself, it adds up over time, and if you choose to convert it to Amazon vouchers you get another 5% on top – that’s what I tend to do with it, it’s my saving fund for my ebooks and I read a lot!

So sign up, add yourself a favourite or bookmark so it’s easy to find, and remember to use it to check anything you are about to buy!

Check the FAQs on the TopCashBack site, I am only pointing you at them and haven’t got time to go into more detail.

OK that’s it for now, thanks for your time; I hope some of you found some of it useful. Feel free to forward this on to others if you want to.

As usual if your PC / Network / Internet / Email / Backup or whatever isn’t running smoothly at the moment, my number is below, or if you want to ask the odd question or have any suggestions for a topic for another Newsletter or you are finding something particularly frustrating / problematic on the computer front, why not send me an email.