General Pricing

As a general rule time is charged per hour, with a minimum 1 hour charge, see exceptions below. Pricing varies depending on the response times people require, distance from Cleckheaton and nature of the enquiry. Rest assured that I will not come to you unannounced without agreeing the price beforehand. Call or email for a guide. What you will get is value for money.

Problem Solving

  • If a home visit is required then the minimum charge is for one hour.
  • When it is convenient for both parties, it is sometimes possible to resolve a problem by taking over your computer remotely. This is only done with your permission and you can watch what is being done. The same minimum charge applies.
  • If no home visit or remote access is required then there will be no charge.
  • In the event of a failure to resolve the specific problem, then there will be no charge.
  • In the event that a problem is resolved within one hour then the remaining time may be spent at the discretion of the customer, e.g. servicing or performing housekeeping tasks (on the computer!).

Mentoring / Tutoring

This will be done at the customer’s home, the minimum charge being for one hour.

Components and Systems

I could not hope to keep the costs of all potential components up to date on this site. If you have a specific requirement then contact me and I will give you a quote. Components will be bought to order from a reputable supplier at a price agreed with the customer prior to ordering.