Gener8 Browser and Extensions

Everything you do online is being tracked.
Thousands of companies collect and sell your data. Everyone’s earning from your data. Except you.
Gener8 changes this ✊ You can choose to run their own browser to do this or add an extension into one of the others that you might already be using. Nice and easy to use, you get the option to run in Privacy mode or in Rewards mode. Take a look at the site for more information.
It’s worth mentioning that the ability to spend any accumulated points is still in Beta and it’s not easy to do, but I work on the basis that I’ll just keep on earning points and at some point I’ll cash in.

When you buy something online, usually, somebody, somewhere, gets a commission for taking you to the site that you bought it from. Going direct to a site saves that business money as they have no need to pay any commission. There are sites that exist to help you find a shopping site and take you there, then when they get the commission they pass it back to you. So you can earn money back on your online shopping at thousands of UK retailers.

Before I buy ANYTHING (PC Stuff, takeaway, insurance, breakdown policies, whatever!) I check if there’s cashback available first. It might be 1% or 10%, it might be a fixed amount, it might not be much, but it might be well worth having, and even if it’s just a little, it all adds up!

My personal choice for protection is BitDefender. Ranked at number 1 by independent comparison sites for a few years now and one of the best value protection products around.

Great value Yorkshire Broadband and Phone packages

Windscribe VPN

Do you want to surf the internet without the fear that you are  being monitoring all the time? This Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to do this for free. By default you get 10GB of data for free – If you Tweet about it then you’ll get another 5GB and for each friend you refer who also uses WindScribe you’ll get an extra 1GB . If you find that the free data isn’t enough for your needs then you can of course buy the product. It’s easy to use – just choose from the list of available places in the world where you want the world to think you are, and click the On button.

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Test your Broadband speed using the excellent SpeedTest.Net

Easily and securely sync your Office Outlook information with phones and tablets – without storing all your valuable data on the cloud.

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Excellent site for all sorts of items printed to your design.

Fancy a Top-Notch Caricature or cartoon? Or maybe Speed Caricatures at your next Party? You won’t get better than Steve!

Is your computer occasionally left on? Do some good with it then! Donate your spare computer time, and you can help cure something or help solve some global problems.

Help projects like: OpenPandemics – COVID-19, Africa Rainfall Project, Smash Childhood Cancer, Help Stop TB, Mapping Cancer Markers
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