June 2021 Papers and refurbished PCs

There are 2 reasons for this email, the first is to tell you that I have stopped advertising in the local newspapers. I stopped for a while during the lockdowns and didn’t notice much of a difference to my workload, so I decided to save some money, but I have since come across one or two people who had assumed I had stopped working – I haven’t, I’m still here, not quite ready to retire just yet. Please tell others that might know me, as I might not have their email addresses to tell directly.

The second reason is that I have accumulated a small assortment of Windows 10 laptops, netbooks, tablets and PCs that I need to move on, as I only have limited space here at Compulogix Towers (aka the computer room at my house). So, I wanted to just put it out there that if you feel in need of a second-hand Windows 10 machine then we may be able to help each other at a price that might surprise you. I don’t want to bore you by listing all the technical details of each of them, so I suggest that if you think you might be interested, give me a shout.

I will say that each machine is up to date with a clean windows 10 installation, some even have Office on them.

I expect the best of these to go quite quickly based on the last time I did this which was purely by word of mouth. That said, you can always ask – anytime, as I almost always have something that I am happy to part with.

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