July 2020 Covid

As some of you are already aware, I have recently started doing home visits again and I wanted to let you all know this, in case you have been saving up your computer problems. I also wanted to let you know that when I do make a home visit, I arrive wearing a face-covering, with my hands freshly disinfected, raring to go. I will avoid touching anything that I don’t need to, and I shall at all times, with your help, maintain at least a one metre distance from you and yours, preferably two.

I am doing this to protect my subsequent customers, as much as to protect you and I, and I expect the same consideration from those that I visit. So, if you need me to come and don’t think you can wear a mask, tell me when you call – I can still visit but then we both need to strictly maintain a two metre distance, better yet – we stay in different rooms.

If you call me, I will remind you of all this if we arrange a visit.

Kind regards.


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